Hijab Review: Evanabian Hijab

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Assalamualaikum sisters, this is Dita 🙂

From now on, I will give my best effort to write hijab review once a month ( aamiin) with the hope that it could give you big hint if you want to purchase hijab through Indonesian Hijab Online shop.

I know it really well that my English is weird and there`s a lot of grammatical error here and there. But please bear with it hahaha as I also try to become a better writer.

For the first review, I`ll introduce you my current favorite hijab brand, Evanabian Hijab. It was established quite a long time ago and it offers a wide range of Shawl variation. One of their popular shawls is Pompom Shawl and it was several times appeared on Mega Iskanti`s IG feed 😀

In order to prove the durability of pompom shawl, I wear it on the first day of trip to Nagoya from Tsukuba (using shinkansen bullet train). me and my husband did not bring stroller only baby carrier so we can move freely from one place to another. This option, of course, draws one consequence that we need to hold her whenever she refuse to walk by herself. At the end, this situation leads me to another extra-crumpled-hijab day.


Pompom shawl is dixy cotton-based, meaning it has wrinkled texture and comfortable for all-day-wear. On the first picture above, I use pompom shawl which I ironed before and the wrinkled texture has temporarily gone 🙂

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The second picture above was taken 2-3 hours after I ironed the shawl, you see right? the wrinkled texture started to show..

so, I assume there`s no point on ironing cotton-based shawl since it will get wrinkled in no time ( But I dont bother, I rarely iron my shawl since long time haahha)

What  I love about pompom shawl is its lightweight, soft material and it flatters your face too. I have tried other different hijab material, like diamond Italiano/ Bubble Crepe and Persian Cotton Hijab, but this dixy cotton brings out the best face shape.


One drawback of this soft dan lightweight material is it’s very possible for hijab pin to poke holes in the material, or rip/snag it for worse (Particularly if you wear it for all day long.


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I rarely re-adjust my shawl during the whole-day trip because the shawl has good drape and not slippery. Another plus point is this shawl has large size, 2m x 75, which gives so much advantage for someone with big arm like me. There`s enough fabric to cover your wide side figures hahahaha, and it covers your bosom really well too.

I will recommend this hijab to sisters who love traveling light. It does has unique wrinkled texture but it will not easily get crumpled inside your bag or luggage. The picture below shows how the shawl looks the next day after I unpack it from luggage:


It still looks “wear-able” even after a whole day trip, right? 😀

That`s all for the first review and I hope it gives you essential information!


Name of article: Pompom Shawl Light Grey 

Product of: Evanabian Hijab

Where to buy: https://www.instagram.com/evanabian_hijab/

Best for: Travelling# Those who never wear pashmina before and wants to try it #people with round face

OVERAL SCORE: 4 out of 5










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