[Bersama Ibu-好きシリーズ] Himawari



Bersama Ibu is a clothing line from Pasarditakyoko dedicated for younger girls who start to learn covering their awrah.

Suki (好きーfavor), the name of the first dress series, consists of charming & cute floral pattern with colors palette that younger girls loveeee. Made from high quality 100% Japan made fabric and beautifully transformed into a piece of art by an Indonesian tailor.


Name of Article: Kokka Azure (Wide cut)

Price: 2980円

Postage Fee: 220円

Material: 100% Cotton (Corduroy)

Size: 4-5.5  years old

Dress length: 62 cm

Breast Width: 72 cm

Model Height & Weight: 102 cm, 16 kg (4.5 years old)

1 in stock




How to care cotton dress:

To help keep the outward appearance of 100% cotton clothes

1. Please turn the dress inside out while washing and drying

2. Wash the dress by hand in cold water with mild detergent


Shipping schedule

Within Japan:

After February 25th



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