[Bersama Ibu-好きシリーズ]Miyako Blue


Bersama Ibu is a clothing line from Pasarditakyoko dedicated for younger girls who start to learn covering their awrah.

Suki (好きーfavor), the name of the first dress series, consists of charming & cute floral pattern with colors palette that younger girls loveeee. Made from high quality 100% Japan made fabric and beautifully transformed into a piece of art by an Indonesian tailor.


About Kokka Fabric:

Kokka is a Premium Japanese fabric company that popular for its vibrant colors and pattern. You can check their fabulous fabric collection here: https://kokka-fabric.com


Name of Article: Miyako Blue (Wide cut)

Price: 2880円 (Include medium-sized cotton pouch)

Postage Fee: 220円

Material: 100% Cotton (Double Gauze-Kokka Fabric)

Size: 3-4.5 years old

Dress length: 58 cm

Breast Width: 68 cm

Model Height & Weight: 102 cm, 16 kg (4.5 years old)


1 in stock



How to care cotton dress:

To help keep the outward appearance of 100% cotton clothes

1. Please turn the dress inside out while washing and drying

2. Wash the dress by hand in cold water with mild detergent


What is Double Gauze fabric?

Double Gauze fabric is soft, airy and lightweight fabric which commonly used in Japan for baby & newborn clothes and accessories.

This fabric is especially nice for summer and spring dress as since it is not see-through yet lightweight.


Shipping schedule

Within Japan:

After February 25 th



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